• Game Torque Studio – Launching For New World Of Online Gaming

    The online gaming has greatly evolved over the years since it was first commercialized back in the 90s and now it has a very profound effect on the gaming industry. Today, almost every other game features an option that allows you to play with your friends, family and other real people around the world and that is because people like to play with other real people in real time, therefore the game developers have been focusing more on online gaming, developing games that offer superb online experience, investing on the hardware technology to support and assist the online gaming processes that run at the backend, deploy responsive and intuitive chat systems so that players can communicate among each other during the gameplay at ease to support team work strategies and also setting up highly advanced and responsive servers so as to process, handle and host game requests and rooms at the same time around the world for different players spread worldwide.

    This is all due to the fact that people greatly value online experience and like to play games with real people therefore developers have focused on providing unprecedented online experience to their customers, this phenomenon has profoundly affected the video game industry as whole, and therefore one can definitely say that online gaming has a vital role in the gaming industry today and that it has become quite necessary for the video game developers to provide an online game campaign besides the offline campaign in the type of games which can support and allow multiple players to play at the same time.

    Game Torque Studio is a Game Development Company that came into existence in June 2014. Game Torque Studio specializes game and app development for mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. Game Torque Studio has released a few very notable titles which include Brake Fail Driving Game and Brake Fail Bus Driving Game for mobile platforms recently.

    Since game development is one of the area of expertise of Game Torque Studio, and considering the flow of game industry which is towards the online gaming, Game Torque Studio is now focusing on providing immersive multiplayer online games for mobile gamers. Game Torque Studio aims at providing unparalleled online gaming experience on mobile devices by working on the prerequisites that are required to provide a smooth and responsive online gaming experience which include investing in and setting up proper hardware technology that can support the processes required for the online system of the game to work, deploying intelligent and advanced chat systems so that the players can communicate among each other during gameplay, setting up the proper servers to host the game requests and game rooms and ensuring that the hardware is capable of handling large number of requests simultaneously so that Game Torque Studio can provide uninterrupted experience to the players worldwide.

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