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    Brake Fail Driving Game

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    Car Racing is Re-Defined! Race a Car without Brake!

    Brake Fail Driving Game is a die-hard death car racing 3D game where you have to survive whole journey in a busy mountain road with brakes failed. Brake Fail gives you many rush missions to complete, in a super real 3D environment. Simply the best 3D emergency driving game ever without brake.

    Game Background

    There is a mountainous road and a car. This car don’t have brakes so user have to rescue the car by saving car from accident and bring it to ground after driving of few kilometers. Your quick thinking and positive mentality will help you to drive carefully in the uphill and downhill road as there is no other choice for user. So keep focus on your driving and be safe!

    Cool Features

    ★ Lots of vehicles to choose from our list

    ★ 3D simulation environment for gameplay

    ★ Awesome graphics and sound keeps you engaging in the game

    ★ Super smooth controls

    ★ Many episodes and bonuses to achieve

    ★ Different kinds of obstacles to face in each stage

    ★ Choose the best route

    ★ Easy and realistic car handling

    ★ This amazing emergency driving game support 3D

    ★ Available on Android, IOS

    Most importantly our cool game is totally FREE to DOWNLOAD! Grab your copy now!

    Brake Fail Driving Simulator is a newly formed 3D racing that combines the speed thrills and action to gather. This game gives completely different taste of drag racing for Android and iOS users.

    ✔ Emergency rush

    Play this amazing driving simulator games to improve your skills in driving a car in an emergency situation. Race as fast as possible with your amazing cars. Racing without brake is most dangerous driving so you need to be very careful as well as a great driver. Avoid all the obstacles, pesky traffic and don’t forget to collect all the gems in your way to make your score higher than anyone.

    ✔ Why brake-less car driving?

    Danger does not come by calling you. It just happens. If you have proper training to handle a brake less car then you could handle any emergency driving like ambulance driving and other rush drives. So, this 3D driving game going to teach you how to drive properly if you need to drive a vehicle in emergency conditions. So, you are now a dare devil driver who has great driving skills.

    Now prove your skills by driving a brake less car in a crazy speed safely to its destination. You have no chance to stop until you get to your destination otherwise you will lose your all reputation. Mad race begins. Get ready! Become a reckless driver! It’s high time to show your driving skills! There are many missions to accomplish. Do your best in emergency driving. Learn driving tricks. Driving a brake less car is not that easy you think. Car driving was not much challenging before brake less car! Remember that it is death racing. Develop your driving skills and avoid accident in the highways. Drive carefully in emergency situation, avoid crash and become the master of mountain car driving! So, why are you waiting?

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