• Brake Fail Bus Driving Game

    Brake Fail Bus Driving Game

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    3D Bus Driving without Brake!

    Survive an Epic Journey, through the mountains with the brakes failed! Go through a number of missions to compete in an astounding 3D environment. Brake Fail is one of the best emergency driving game, with your vehicle’s brakes blown.


    Game Background

    The game takes place in a mountainous region, where you take control of a bus whose brakes don’t work anymore and you need to rescue the on board passengers by avoiding collision with other vehicles and steering in the right direction. It tests how fast your reflexes are and how quick you react when things are just second away from getting wrong when going uphill or downhill.

    Exciting Features

    ★ Plenty of vehicles to play with

    ★ Astounding 3D simulation

    ★ Immersive visuals and excellent music effects to get you addicted

    ★ Excellent CONTROL scheme

    ★ Number of episodes to play through and along with multiple bonuses to collect

    ★ New obstacles at every stage, the game keeps getting challenging

    ★ Select the best route to get your bus to safety

    ★ Realistic Physics to control your bus

    An enticing 3D driving experience! Moreover, it’s FREE for right now so get it on your device, quick!

    Brake Fail Bus Driving has just arrived and offers a riveting experience at high speeds and crazy actions along with astound 3D visuals. Brake Fail brings a completely new kind of driving game experience to Android!

    ✔ Emergency rush!

    Brake Fail tests your skills by making you take rapid actions by driving in emergency situations. Achieve insane speeds with your buses with no option to slow them down. Save your bus from collisions by avoiding obstacles and collect all the gems on the way to score up. Driving at high speeds at without brakes is harder than you think, so challenge your skills and see where it gets you.

    ✔ Why brakeless bus driving?

    Accidents don’t happen after telling and in just a split second; things can go from all right to horribly wrong. This game tests your skills on how you handle things in emergency when the brakes of the bus you are driving are out. As you play along, your abilities and skills to handle the bus in insane situation keeps on improving and you figure out new ways to get your on board passengers to the safety, who are your first priority. Your reputation is on stake, you cannot stop without getting to your destination, so focus and concentrate, improve your skills, avoid the obstacles, things get trickier as you get along, but that just keeps testing your limits, passengers are your primary priority, are you up for the challenge?

    So what are you waiting for? Download and get along with the epic journey right away!

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