• Brake Fail – Virtual Car Riding Without Brake

    Brake Fail Driving Game is a completely new and different virtual car driving experience where player controls a vehicle which can neither stop nor slow down because it has no brakes at all! Brake Fail Driving Game is all about surviving through an epic journey set in high and dangerous mountains where the car is going up and down the hill without brakes and to add more thrill, the road on which the car is moving is a busy one, full of other cars and obstacles. The goal of the player is simple to say but challenging to execute, which is to steer the car out of the danger and bring it to the ground safely avoiding all the other cars and obstacles that come in way.

    The game contains a lot of cool and entertaining features, including a wide array of different cars players can choose from and play with. The game also features astounding 3D graphics, the lush visuals and immersive sound effects provide a really captivating experience while offering an engaging gameplay. The control scheme has been given great deal of attention as well and has been designed in such a way so as to provide full control to the player. Moreover, the game features a number of episodes that player can play through along with new bonuses that player can collect and unlock. As the player progresses through, new obstacles come in the way which the player has to face. Also, the route to the ground is not simple, there are multiple routes and the player is required to figure out the most appropriate one. The game physics and handling mechanisms are designed as to closely mimic the reality while the realistic 3D graphics add life to it.

    This game tests the skills of the player based on how fast they take an action in emergency situation, and that’s not it! The ability of the player improves in real time as they play the game along and progress to the higher levels. The player has to keep their eyes open and remain alert all the time as the cars and obstacles can come randomly, from anywhere at any time and the player would be required to take quick action in order to avoid them and ensure the safety of the car.

    Brake Fail Driving Game redefines the type of racing games. The most unique type of race where the player has to control a vehicle without brakes! It provides thrill and fun unlike any other game. Its mix of recklessness and carefulness at the same time, the car moves on at reckless speeds without any regard for the obstacles and traffic in the way, while the player controls and steers the car carefully, taking timely actions to avoid the collision with other cars and obstacles and collect the bonuses.

    Brake Fail Driving Game is available on Android and iOS devices already, so what are you waiting for? Download the game right now and get along the epic journey!

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