• Brake Fail – Enjoy 3D Bus Riding Experience In Your Mobile

    Brake Fail Bus Driving is 3D Bus driving game developed by Game Torque Studios. In the game, the player controls a bus which has its brakes blown completely, that means the bus can neither stop nor even slow down. The thrilling part is that the bus is stuck in a dangerous mountainous region and is going up and down the hill randomly, the goal of the player is simple, steer the bus to avoid the traffic and obstacles coming in the way and bring the bus to the ground after a few kilometers of travelling without any contact with other things on the way to ensure the safety of the onboard passengers.

    The game offers the player to choose from a wide variety of buses with multiple specifications to offer variety in the game play. The excellent 3D effects of the game combined with fabulous visuals and immersive sound effects offer an engaging game play and it gets the players addicted. The vivid control scheme ensures that the player is in full control and steer the bus in the proper direction without any lag or misses in response, along with that, the developers have included a wide number of episodes in the game which the player can play through to progress, and at each episode, there are different bonuses that the player can collect and unlock. To keep the players engaged in the game, the developers have designed it in such a way that the game keeps getting difficult as the player makes progress, along with new types of obstacles to face at every stage which make the game even more challenging. Also, the player is required to select the best and most appropriate route to the ground from a choice of multiple routes. The physics of the game and control mechanisms are designed in accordance with the real world and that means that the game offers a very realistic experience.

    The main focus of the game is on or emergency driving, that means that the game tests the ability of the players based on how fast they take actions when it is required in such situations where things can go from alright to terribly wrong in a matter of seconds. Initially the game might appear very challenging, but as the players play along, they start to get hold of the situation in game, but it does not stop there, the game keeps getting challenging as the player makes progress, which means that the skills including those of how fast the players can take action and the hand eye co-ordination of the players improve constantly as they keep playing and progress through.

    The safety of the passengers on the bus is the primary priority; the player is to ensure that the passengers arrive to the ground safely, without any mishap or damage of any kind. This requires great skills and deep focus as the obstacles can appear at anytime from anywhere!

    The game is available on Android and iOS right now. So what’s stopping you? Download from Google Play or Apple iTunes, and let the fun begin!

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