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    About Us

    Game Torque Studio is a game development company that offers development from creativity to app discovery. We develop the solutions for our own projects. We build high-quality solutions using practice-specific delivery methodologies which utilize our globally distributed development teams. Our focus is not just on making games but setting trends as well. We provide our clients not only with a single source to Games development but also making games under our own banner.Our passion for mobile solutions coupled with a dedicated team of expert mobile developers, engineers and designers and a fluid process methodology have allowed us to create some amazingly immersive and fun games and innovative apps for our customers . We continue to push boundaries and help our customers achieve their dreams.

    Game Torque Studio is a leading publisher of free-to-play games for iOS, Android and other mobile platforms. Game Torque is committed to building high-quality games that are social and fun for audiences of all ages.

    Our Mission:

    Quality: We ensure the quality of content, which is mostly missed or ignored by the manufacturer of digital products in the World.We believe in teamwork to deliver quality products to our clients according to the commitment.

    Teamwork:To foster an environment and culture of collaboration and mutual accountability to earn trust and respect Integrity: To consistently demonstrate principle and ethical judgment and practice the highest standards of social conduct

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